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Menu Items

  • Pizza including specialty and premium pizzas
  • Breadsticks
  • Cheese Bread
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Calzones
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Catering Available

Pizza Restaurant in Milford, MI

Often given credit for having the best pizza in town, the Fresco Pizza Cafe of Milford, MI has been built on the basis of using mostly local ingredients that are prepared fresh each day. They offer a variety of items available by dining in, carrying out, or ordering online. However, they have also expanded to share their specialty pastas, sandwich platters and salads through their catering services. The Fresco Pizza Cafe is a family-owned operation. The owner and his mom had talked about the idea of running a pizza shop for years and they jumped at the opportunity to do it. They opened the restaurant in Milford, MI in 2011 and have since expanded their services to include catering and beer and wine. Customers who dine-in know that the owners of the Fresco Pizza Cafe value their business. They get to know their customers , make them feel at home in the restaurant and treat them as an extended part of the family. The owners of the cafe live locally , in Highland, and they are active in the community. They do local fundraisers as well. This translates over into their business too. They have a strong desire to use as many locally made and grown products as possible. This includes locally grown herbs , meats form the Village Butcher in downtown Milford and menu items named after local spots , such as the Kensington Turkey sandwich and the Liberty Street Asiago Beef. The owner describes the Fresco Pizza Cafe with one word: delicious. Customers would agree and their main reason is the homemade menu items. Many chain restaurants rely heavily on prepared foods purchased through a large vendor. However, people appreciate restaurants that take the time to prepare fresh items every day rather than using frozen or pre-made items. Here , the meatballs are homemade and the pizza dough is prepared fresh daily. They use only the freshest ingredients and it shows. Their dedication to freshness converts first time visitors into repeat customers, which is the most important part of the restaurant. If you have had the pleasure of enjoying the freshly made foods at the cafe, you understand how serving it to a group of people would be even better. The pastas, sandwich platters and salads and other menu items , such as pizza, lasagna, bread sticks, and chicken wings can be made in larger quantities to accommodate your catering and party needs. Call the Fresco Pizza Cafe today to get a reasonable quote on food for your next birthday party, graduation party, family reunion or any other excuse that your family and friends use to gather over delicious food . Let them handle all of your party needs.


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